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Miranda Miller speeds through snowy Cypress trails

Squamish's world champ heads south to hit DH trails on her enduro bike

Miranda Miller Cypress Photo by: Kona Bicycles YouTube

Vancouver’s North Shore trails are hard at the best of times, but covered in a layer of snow and ice? Treacherous. Early September snow doesn’t slow Miranda Miller down at all, though. Squamish’s former downhill world champ is absolutely flying as she tears through Cypress Mountain’s steep trails.

Of the cities three mountains, Cypress typically sees more downhill bike traffic. But Miller, despite the snow, tackles the steep, sketchy trails on her Process X enduro bike from Kona.

Miranda X Cypress

What’s Miranda Miller saying about Cypress?

Cypress is fast. More laps, more tokens, more pressure, and more pace. It’s a constant game of chase and a song of holler. You’re in the woods but you’ve caught the energy of the city below. You rush to get more laps, rush to keep up, to not get caught, you rush to find your rush. In the past, Cypress on a trail bike involved sacrifice—of speed, of stability and of your wrists.

But today is different. There’s no scream of the supercar on its Sunday drive. The snow creates a silence so complete there is no room for hoots and hollers. The line between trail bike and downhill bike feels more blurred than ever before. Strong, calm, and calculated is how I have always ridden a bike; a reflection of my personality, perhaps. Sometimes I wish I was more loose, more stylish or more wild. Maybe today things aren’t as different as I thought. I don’t miss my downhill bike because here I am strong, calm, and calculated. Today, I’m on my Process X and I’m not sacrificing a thing.

Video by: Peter Wojnar