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Mountain biker injured by trail sabotage in Toronto’s Don Valley

A cyclist encountered barbed wire and razor blades intentionally set up to injure cyclists on a trail in Crothers Woods


A mountain biker in Toronto’s Don Valley encountered a trap that appears to have been set up to injure cyclists. Cycle Solutions, a shop in the city’s east end, posted a photo of one its team riders with deep wounds on his arms. The wounds came from barbed wire and razor blades that the rider had encountered on a descent to one of the main trails.

“Team rider @jlobraico was descending from Loblaws down to Pottery and there were some razor blades and barbed wire on the final descent to Pottery,” Cycle Solutions posted on their Instagram account.

The Don Valley has an extensive network of mountain bike trails. The trail entrance at Pottery Rd. is near Evergreen Brickworks and is a popular entrance for riders coming from downtown Toronto.

The rider who was injured by the barbed wire removed the hazards and planned to inform local police.