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Mt. 7 Psychosis returns at Crankworx Summer Series

Infamous and epic downhill course in Golden resurrected

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series Photo by: McKay Vezina. Photo: Chris Pilling / Crankworx Summer Series

Crankworx Summer Series is headed to hallowed ground, ascending to the paraglide launch of the infamous Mt. 7 Psychosis Downhill race.

High above Golden, B.C., Mt.7 hosted one of the world’s toughest, and longest, downhill races for 10 years. After a full decade of challenging locals and World Cup racers with relentlessly steep trails, the last Psychosis ran in 2008.

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series
Brett Rheeder drops into Dead Dog. Photo: Chris Pilling.

While the trails have remained open in the intervening time, the legendary downhill race has not run since.

Until now. After easing back into racing with flowy SilverStar trails, Week 2 of Crankworx Summer Series is diving into the deep end. The 25 invited riders will be the first to race the full, proper Psychosis course in years.

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series
Vaea Verbeeck sails through Psychosis practice. Photo: Chris Pilling.
Just how hard is Mt. 7 Psychosis?

Psychosis isn’t just hard because it is steep. Though the near-vertical entry on Dead Dog from the paraglide launch is incredibly steep. Psychosis is also famous for being long.

The course descends 4,000 vertical feet (1,220 metres) over 7.3 long kilometres of racing. Steep, long, rocky, and incredibly technical the whole way.

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series
Seth Sherlock flies through the Dead Dog chute. Photo: Chris Pilling.

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Watch Trevor Burke preview the Mt. 7 Psychosis with Norco Factory Team, and various other Crankworx Summer Series riders.

Mt.7 Psychosis course preview – Crankworx Summer Series

What a truly epic course!

Over the years, the notoriously challenging course attracted the world’s best to Golden to take on Psychosis. In 2007, Sam Hill and Steve Smith both showed up to take on the reigning champ, Tyler Morland. The Collective was on the scene for this showdown of great riders, documenting the race for Seasons.

The Collective – Seasons races Mt. 7 Psychosis

With the blitz nature of Crankworx Summer Series, which is trying to avoid fans showing up on course to keep everyone safe (and stay below B.C.’s limit of 50 person gatherings), the race has already happened. Full results and highlights are coming, but you’ll have to wait until Friday.

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series
You know its steep when the start is shared with paragliders. Photo: Chris Pilling.

Here, though, is Jesse Melamed’s full run from the infamous Mt. 7 Psychosis course.

Jesse Melamed – Mt. 7 Psychosis DH Race is Back!

It was such a privilege to be able to race this legendary track again. I remember watching the likes of Stevie Smith, Tyler Morland, Sam Hill and Kovarik race this back in the day. It was proper steep and flat out for so long!” – Jesse Melamed.

Mt. 7 Psychosis Crankworx Summer Series
Lucy Schick in the start gate. Photo: Chris Pilling.
Crashes in course preview

Kasper Woolley has been hitting podiums in everything from enduro to downhil all on his Yeti SB5.5 enduro race bike at Crankworx Summer Series. He even took on the massive Psychosis on the trail bike, while most others were on full downhill rigs. After making it through the steepest sections of track, Woolley crashed in training, missing his race run.

Even Finn Iles crashed in training: