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Nino Schurter shares crazy power data from Albstadt mud fest

See what it took for the Swiss star slips and slides his way to sixth at opening World Cup

Albstadt World Cup

Nino Schurter slid to an uncharacteristic sixth place in the muddy World Cup season opener, but the Swiss star was still putting heaps of power through the pedals.

The poor – for Schurter – finish may cast doubts on the Swiss legends ability to keep up with the next generation of riders, but his power data shows he’s not having any problem finding the Watts on race day.

Schurter held a normalized power of 368 W for the 1 hour 25 minute race, but with some huge efforts along the way.

To jump out to the lead on the start loop, Schurter put down a huge 2 minute 41 second effort with a normalized power of 531 W take him to the top of the first slippery Albstadt descent.

He didn’t slow down much after that, holding a huge NP of 461 W for the opening 6 min 37 seconds. This massive effort carried him to the top of the high point of the start loop fast enough that he dropped Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel.

After the rain started falling on the opening laps, Schurter started sliding backwards in the standings. His efforts didn’t let off much though. On the long, second climb on the Albstadt course, Schurter was impressively consistent despite the wildly changing course conditions. As somewhat dry dirt turned to slick mud, then into a soupy mess, Schurter’s efforts for the seven laps hovered right around 2 minutes 30 seconds. His NP on that climb varied by only 40 W over the course of the race, with four of those staying within eight Watts. He held NP 423 W on the opening lap, then 421 W, a race high 441 W the third time through, then 429 W, 421 W, 412 W. Schurter closed the race with a steadier 401 W as he faded form the chase group on the final lap.

All data was recorded on Schurter’s SRAM Quarq power meter, on a Garmin Edge 130.