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NOBL adds Vancouver Island’s Dillon Butcher to the team

West coast wheel company adds more Canadian talent for 2021

NOBL Dillon Butcher Photo by: Max McCulloch

B.C.’s NOBL Wheels is adding more Canadian talent to its team for the coming season. Starting with Nanaimo, B.C.’s Dillon Butcher.

The Vancouver Island rider headed to nearby Mount Washington to shoot his “welcome to” video for NOBL.

NOBL Dillon Butcher
Dillon Butcher for NOBL. Photo: Max McCulloch

Working with Max McCulloch, Butcher’s first appearance for NOBL strikes a different tone than the standard 2-minute web edit. More laid back than metal, Butcher flows through Mount Washington’s best trails, showing off smooth style in the summer dust.

Dillon Butcher – Welcome to NOBL

What’s NOBL saying about Dillon Butcher?

To say Nanaimo’s Dillon Butcher is flying under the radar would be an understatement. He’s the type of dude who can casually throw down a cannonball to barspin combo and then crush a forty foot send on his DH bike. However, when we filmed this edit, we didn’t look for the biggest jumps or the craziest tricks, we set out to capture flow. There’s something about the fluidity of his riding that not many can match. If you want to see someone dancing with a bike, watch this clip.

We are incredibly excited to welcome Dillon Butcher to the NOBL family for the 2021 season.

NOBL Dillon Butcher
Photo: Max McCulloch

Video and Photos: Max McCulloch
Sound Design: Christopher Arruda
Wheels Used: NOBL TR37 with Industry Nine Hydras
Special Thanks: Mount Washington Resort, Kayla Stockton, Ben McInnes
Song: Rouault – Brique a Braq