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Norco Canadian Enduro Series cancelled

Organizer Ted Morton releases a statement

Norco Canadian Enduro Series organizer Ted Morton released a statement regarding COVID-19 this morning

Photo: James Cattanach / NCES

Dear valued racer, friend, community member;

As many of you know, the Canadian Enduro Series is something that I am very passionate about. The ability tocreate unique experiences for people, distract them from the mundane and to showcase communities is why I do this. I’ve run the CES because I love getting people excited to ride their bikes. Unfortunately, due to the recent economic and social conditions caused by Covid 19, I’ve decided to cancel all Canadian Enduro Series events.

Following BC’s Health Minister Adrian Dix’s ban on all events or gathering of 250 or more people, as well as recommendations from those around us, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be prudent to cancel the series, with the exception of the Sea Otter Canada Enduro at Blue Mountain Ontario. This means that we are refunding all participants for every event and if the situation normalizes within a reasonable timeframe, we will launch events within our calendar with a modified format and conditions.

Why are you cancelling the series?

This decision was made to prioritize the safety of our riders in the wake of this growing issue, and in part by the financial implications that we are currently facing. The enduro series relies 95% on racer registrations, with each event contributing to the overall success of the series. We realize that canceling this early may seem premature, however, at this point in the season the majority of our expenses are due and if we pay these expenses, it may risk not being able to refund you.

I believe it is my responsibility to you, the riders, who have wholeheartedly supported us over the last 5 years to refund you right now.

I would like to ask that you hold our event dates in your calendar and as this situation normalizes I will be reinstating some events. They will be modified slightly as needed and will include significantly lower registration fees, a more relaxed vibe and a focus on having fun rather than serious competition. As of right now, the majority of our venues and partners have agreed to hold our dates and work collaboratively as things transition.

Thank you for your confidence, support, and understanding at this turbulent time.

Norco Canadian Enduro Series
2019 Canadian enduro national championships at Panorama Mountain Resort. Photo: James Cattanach / NCES

Refunds, Quebec and Ontario events, and what happens next?

    •  You will be refunded 75% of your original transaction.

      Unfortunately, we have already incurred expenses and there are hard costs associated with processing the refunds. (Transaction fees, Refund Fees, Administrative Fees, etc., that are outside of our control)

    • Refunds will be processed throughout the month. Please be patient and considerate.
    • Please refrain from contacting us regarding general information about your refund, we will be

      trying to process all refunds within two weeks.

    • Refunds will be returned to the Credit Card that you made your original purchase with. If you

      have changed your credit card information, please contact admin@bcenduro.com ASAP.

  •  Refunds will include any pit space.
  • Refunds do not include donations to the Canadian Enduro Mountain Bike Association

○ Please contact the EWS regarding all EWS membership questions and fees. This is NOT part of the Canadian Enduro Series.

Ontario and Quebec events

● Sea Otter Canada has NOT been canceled at this time. As such, the enduro at Blue Mountain will still take place. The partnership between Sea Otter Canada, Blue Mountain, and the Canadian Enduro Series is what has allowed this event to remain unaffected. Please see here for more information.

○ The Sea Otter Canada enduro is no longer an North American Enduro Series event. This means there are no EWS points available.

● The enduro at Bromont is operated by MAAXX Events and will NOT be part of the Canadian Enduro Series, please see here for more information and to contact that race organizer.

NCES Blue Mountain Sea Otter Enduro
NCES Blue Mountain enduro finish line at Sea Otter Canada 2019. Photo: Colin Field
Does this mean there are no more enduro races this summer?

Not necessarily. I have worked closely with our event venues and partners to ensure that when this stabilizes
that we will be able to host some events within the event calendar.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels where we will be making any announcements in regards to future events. Please understand that if we decide to run any events that they will be at a modified capacity and on a case by case basis. These events will take it back to our roots and have a more no-frills, grass-roots event..
Modifications to events:

● Future events will have reduced registration. All events forecasted to be $70-85 CAD
● We will continue to have world-class timing and professional live results!
● Unique, amazing and adventurous courses on world-class trails
● Team Categories will remain active! Hell yeah, racing with friends!
● National Championship – If the opportunity is available we will continue to host this event at Panorama Resort, on the scheduled date.
● Series Points will still be available for any races we run!
● No EWS Qualifier or North American Enduro Series (EWS Continental) events. These events will not
remain due to the increased expenses of sanctioning, prize money, rider levies, media, and additional
administrative costs associated with hosting these types of events.
● Limited Media production
● One-day events
● A reduction of promotional materials (medals, jerseys, etc.)