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Forged: The three year road to Norco Range

Spam mules and endless suspension testing lead to High Virtual Pivot enduro machine

Norco Range Forged Photo by: Norco Bicycles

What makes the new Norco Range stand out from other enduro bikes? And from the raft of new high pivot bikes that have arrived this year? Well, the Range is three years in the making. Its involved engineers, athletes, countless tests and one very complicated aluminum “Spam” mule.

All-new Norco Range C2.

The Range is more than its High Virtual Pivot design and idler pulley, though those are the most eye-catching features. The chassis is versatile enough for trail riding and, under Norco Factory Team, World Cup downhill racing. Norco’s taken its Ride Aligned design to the next level, designing each size frame to fit perfectly with different head tube angles, seat tube angles and rear centres, not just a bigger or smaller frame.

High Virtual Pivot and idler pulley wheel make for a distinct looking back end on the Range.

Norco’s detailed this entire development project in Forged. If you want to know more about why the Range looks the way it does, and why Norco decided to go with that wild-looking suspension design, Forged walks through the key design points. It also shows team riders, like North Vancouver’s World Cup racer Henry Fitzgerald riding very fast. And that is also fun to watch.

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Watch Forged below to find out how Norco developed its enduro race bike. Then go read our first impressions the Range, and how it makes it very easy to go very fast.

Wonder why any kind of rider should be interested in the Range, not just racers? Hang on right to the end.

Norco: Forged

What is Norco saying about Forged?

The Real Story

Take a peek behind the curtain at what it took to create the Norco Range.

The Range is the result of the largest scale team effort of anything we’ve ever produced.

It took absolutely everything we have to create; Inventing a whole new way of developing frame geometry, countless hours obsessing over suspension design and kinematics, then trail testing ‘til we knew we’d got it just right.

There’s No Other Way.

Director of Photography: Andre Nutini
Cinematography: Liam Mullany
Edit/Motion Design: Zach Rampen
Colourist: Sam Gilling Sound
Design: Keith White Audio