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Watch: ‘North Shore Betty-You’re Never Too Old To Send’

70-something and still shredding in North Van

Photo by: Jordan Manley

The trails hiding above North Vancouver are notoriously intimidating, even for experienced riders. Wet roots, rocks and wildly technical features abound. The North Shore has inspired all kinds of tales of athletic heroism over the years. The latest is the story of 73-year-old shredder Betty Birrell.

North Shore Betty is the work of Darcy Hennessey Turenne, who retold the incredible history of freeride in The Moment and Travis Rummel. Just on time for Mother’s Day, this new mini-feature on Birrell shredding into her 70s shows the same woods where freeride first emerged are still inspiring new stories.

Sounds like an amazing story, right? Well watch the full feature below:

North Shore Betty | You’re Never too Old to Send

Here’s what Patagonia has to say about North Shore Betty:

“To celebrate Mother’s Day this year Patagonia Films is excited to release North Shore Betty – a 12-minute film about 73-year-old mountain biker Betty Birrell and her incredibly inspiring life in Southern British Columbia.

“The misty forests above North Vancouver, British Columbia are hallowed ground for mountain biking – a place so harrowing it’s influenced and defined almost every aspect of the sport over the years. It’s also where Betty Birrell, almost 30 years ago, picked up mountain biking following a career as a mountaineer and professional windsurfer. Three decades later, Betty is a role model for her son, her friends and anyone she’s met along the way – and proof that you’re never too old to send.”

Directors: Travis Rummel // Felt Soul Media & Darcy Hennessey Turenne // Well Travelled Collective
Edited By: Nico Frank // Friendly Neighbor
Cinematographers: Scott Secco, Joey Schusler & Travis Rummel
Producers: Travis Rummel & Darcy Hennessey Turenne
Executive Producers: Monika McClure, Alex Lowther, Sakeus Bankson & Jimmy Hopper
Original Composition: Jeff Melanson // Friendly Neighbor