One Week in Paradise: GT crew heads to Crankworx

Whip-offs, pumptracks, parties and more with Tyler McCaul, Wyn Masters and Noga Korem

September 5th, 2019 by | Posted in MTB | Tags:

“One Week in Paradise” sounds like either a lost gem of an 80’s hair rock ballad, or an accurate description of a week in Whistler for Crankworx.

It’s an especially accurate description if you’re travelling with the GT Crew. Noga Korem and Rachel Strait pull no handers and hit the big gap on Dirt Merchant after surviving EWS Whistler. Wyn Masters wheelies through all the weekdays, not just Wednesday.

And then Tyler McCaul heads to the crowd-favourite Whip-off world championships.

What more could you want? How about bike give-aways, parties, pumptracks, and park laps on the new GT Force 29. Looks like a good time.

Some might even call it paradise.

The full GT crew at Crankworx Whistler included:

Wyn Masters
Noga Korem
Rachel Strait
Tyler McCaul
Skills With Phil
Tom Isted
Ian Morrison
Trevor Burke
Simmone Lyons D
ylan Conte
Adam Robbins
Clair Sick
Jake Snow