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Point and chute: Big lines in B.C. backcountry with Kurt Sorge

Nominee for best use of drone camera in a mountain bike movie

Kurt Sorge and friends head deep into B.C.’s Caribou region to ride burly lines down to the river.

Seems simple like a simple concept, if incredibly difficult riding for even the most talented pros.

Add in some incredible drone work from Gabriel Kocher, and this Mitch Cheek movie is easily in “must see” territory. The area’s steep, dirt-surfing lines have never looked so impressive on film as with the unique angles of the drone cam. Follow cam’s are great, and give a hyper-real perspective on the crazy lines, but the drone smooths out the action enough to give a clear view of just how nuts some of these lines are.

“Ever since my first trip to this area I have wanted to spend more time here. This Spring it worked out to come camp for a few nights accompanied by some friends that are locals to the area and they gave us the royal treatment. Conditions were right and we spent the next 3 days out there exploring what the canyon had to offer. It was a Chute Show and I wouldn’t had it any other way”

Watch Kurt Sorge and friends in Chute Show below:

Produced by: Mitch Cheek @ Solos
Productions Kurt Sorge
Drone Pilot/filming: Gabriel Kocher
Director of Photography: Mitch Cheek
Additional Filming: Scott Horley
Editor: Jeremy Grant
Audio: Keith White
Audio Colour: Bryan Ralph
Visual Effects: Supernice
Digital Compositor: Andrew Lamb