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Efficiency isn’t just for XC anymore. Race Face wants you to get the most out of the watts you’re putting down with the company’s new Cinch oval chain rings, whether you’re racing or just trying to get to the top with as much energy as possible left over for the descent.

Race Face’s innovative Cinch mounting system allows the company to make a single oval chain ring that is compatible with Boost spacing and, by flipping the ring around, will also work with the Super Boost spacing standard which has been growing in popularity lately.

Why oval rings? Shaped rings have had a strong presence on the road side of cycling for years, promising to smooth out a riders pedal stroke to achieve a more even power application. If you’re looking to get up your local climb faster, or just feel better when you get to the top, Race Face thinks its oval rings can help.

When the concept of oval rings is applied to the dirt, you get the added benefit of improved traction control, especially in high torque, low cadence situations, like technical or steep climbing, where surges in power can cause your wheel to slip out instead of moving you forward. If power numbers and efficiency aren’t your thing, watch Race Face’s glimpse into the creation of its Cinch Oval rings instead:

Race Face Oval rings work with any of the company’s Cinch cranks, including those equipped with its Cinch Power Meter, and are available in four sizes: 28t, 30t, 32t, and 34t. The company decided on a 112.5° “clocking,” which describes the angle between the crank arm and the largest diameter of the oval, measure anti-clockwise from the crank arm. With the company’s Boost/Super Boost design, the clocking is the same in both mounting positions.

The Vancouver companies new rings feature an ovality of 10%, meaning the ring diameter varies from 95% to 105% of the a round ring with the same tooth count. Since Race Face intends the Oval rings to be used by riders across the spectrum from XC to trail and enduro, the Cinch Oval rings are compatible with many chainguides. Race Face Cinch Oval rings also feature the company’s variable width tooth design to keep chain retention on par with a round ring for those riders not running any sort of chain retention device.

Race Face Oval rings
Details on how the flip system works to make Race Face Oval rings Boost and Super Boost compatible

Cinch Oval chainrings are compatible with 10, 11, and 12-speed drivetrains and are manufactures from 7075 Aluminium. Race Face says the weight of a 32t Oval ring comes in at 72 grams.

Canadian MSRP for Race Face Cinch Oval rings is $82.00

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