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Race Face revises classic Turbine crank

Revamped preload collar, same durability, narrower Q-Factor

Race Face is updating its classic Turbine crank set. How classic can a crank set be? Well, the Turbine first launched in (checks notes) 1993. There have been changes over the last 30 years. The latest include a narrower Q-factor, and a new, more reliable pre-load collar. The new version is also 20 grams lighter.

According to Race Face, the Turbine was “Originally build for a growing segment of North Shore riders who wanted a stiff and responsive crank without the weight penalty.” The latest version pushes the alloy crankset, made of 7050 aluminum, squeezed just below 600-grams. In the 170-mm length, with a 136mm spindle and 32t chainring, it tips the scales at 595 grams.

While the Turbine’s known for reliability, there’s always room to improve. Race Face says it narrowed the Q-Factor on the cranks. The Preload collar is updated from previous versions, too. It aims to be easier to use.

Race Face is using its Cinch system for chainrings. And the Turbine’s are still aiming to be stiff and durable as ever. That durability is, still, backed by Race Face’s Lifetime Warranty.

The new-look Race Face Turbine crank set retails for $220.00. It comes in three lengths, 165, 170, and 175mm. It comes in 136 and 143 mm spindle sizes and in black, black, or black.

Race Face: Turbine Crank Snapshot

If that’s too informative, here’s a more dramatic introduction to Race Face’s new Turbine crank.

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