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Rapha gets into ltd edition goods with first print pack capsule

"Woodlands" kit occupies the liminal space between city and wilderness

Photo by: Rapha

As Rapha makes its way into mountain biking, the boutique brand is bringing some of its old tricks over from the road. The fashion-forward brand launched “Woodlands,” its first print pack capsule collection of its mtb gear.

The concept behind its first limited-run kit is an exploration of how mountain biking connects urban spaces and the wilderness. It is “inspired by the places we ride and the urban environments we seek to escape.”

Rapha Capsule

“Print pack capsule” is Rapha’s fancy way of saying it is a limited run. Historically, these smaller runs are a way for the brand’s designers to try something new or get creative with kit that might not have as wide an appeal as the more basic tones of its core line of apparel.

Not one for half measures, the first print pack includes a helmet and sunglasses along with soft goods. There’s men’s and women’s jerseys (the women’s ones are the ones with more pink. Rapha’s not deviating from that tradition) plus the matching accessories. You can check out the full line below.