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Rapha’s first fall mountain bike collection is here

Apparel brand heads to Canada to launch its wet weather riding gear

Photo by: Rapha

Rapha dove into mountain biking with its first Trail collection earlier this year. With the seasons changing the boutique apparel company is ready. Today, Rapha released its first Autumn/Winter collection for mountain biking. To do so, they headed to none other than Pemberton, B.C.

Pemberton corners in perfect fall conditions. Photo: Rapha

Rapha’s new to mountain biking, but the brand’s been creating clothes for road, cross and gravel since way back in 2004. It was no surprise that the first set of gear nailed fit and quality. We’ve been riding the gear for months, including using the shorts for most of the six-day BC Bike Race recently. Rapha went one further, using environmentally friendly fabrics and, in a big plus, including patch kits and offering free repairs on its clothes.

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Stay warm while your friends update their Instagram. Photo: Rapha.

For the cooler-weather collection, Rapha adds jackets, riding pants and several Windblock options. It’s a mix of wet-weather friendly clothes, apparel for cold but dry riding, and technical rain gear. A trio of pieces get the full DWR-treatment, including the Trail Lightweight Jacket, Windblock Jersey and new Trail Pants. For those cool fall days that stay dry, a long-sleeve technical t-shirt joins some new colour options for the 3/4 sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts from the initial collection.

One of the bigger features, patches with pre-applied adhesive for easy repairs and free repair for bigger tears, return for most of the new Performance Trailwear gear. Rapha makes these patches using the excess material left over during the construction of its clothes.

Men’s Fall Trailwear

Women’s Fall Trailwear

Rapha Fall Accessories

Rapha is launching the fall collection with a new video. It’s motivational and everything, plus the riding looks fun.

Rapha: Keep Riding

Fall is often a season for reflection and Rapha is ready wax poetic about the changing of seasons:

With the first rains of fall, we are drawn into a dramatically altered landscape. After the dry heat of summer, the woods are rich with the smell of wet pine and petrichor, while the trails that twist and turn between the trees are transformed. Where dust and debris previously offered precious little grip, perfect strips of softened dirt now offer traction in spades.

In these conditions, there are no limits. There’s no double that can’t be cleared, and no section too slippery to clean. There’s no ground too tough to dig, and no trail that cannot be conceived. This is the season of ultimate opportunity, a time to embrace the elements and keep riding.