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Red Bull Formation: Final sends from the Utah desert

Casey Brown, Vaea Verbeeck and Georgia Astle were among the 12 top freeriders flying off cliffs at 2022 event

Photo by: Natalie Starr / Red Bull Content Pool

12 of the best freeriders on the planet. seven days in the Utah desert at the iconic Red Bull Rampage venue. One amazing highlight reel. Welcome to Red Bull Formation 2022.

The women’s freeride progression session, bringing together riders, diggers, photographers and videographers to push the women’s side of the sport, is all wrapped up for another year. The results are impressive, with huge sends and some massive tricks being thrown down in the desert.

Canadians Casey Brown, Vaea Verbeeck and Georgia Astle were in Utah for the third edition of Formation, with a few more helping out on the shovels.

Casey Brown hits the booter in the snake pit at Red Bull Formation. Photo: Emily Tidwell / Red Bull Content Pool

“The progression witnessed was spectacular and truly marks a turning point for women’s freeride mountain biking. We have seen a tremendous amount of confidence from the riders. From tackling steep drops to choosing lines that played to their styles and incorporating tricks, we hit a major milestone.”

– Founding organizer Katie Holden

Watch the final highlights from 2022 Red Bull Formation below.

Desert Sends: Red Bull Formation 2022

What’s Red Bull saying about formation?

Following the Red Bull Formation journey so far? Then you’ll know that the class of 2022 have been going bigger than ever before for the third edition of this freeride progression session.

Red Bull Formation is a first-of-its-kind invitational progression session that aims to pave the path for women in freeride mountain biking. The event returns for its third year from May 8-15 in Virgin, Utah, one of the most iconic landscapes for the freeride mountain biking movement.

Vaea Verbeeck hikes back up to her line. Photo: Natalie Starr / Red Bull Content Pool
Rider list:

Camila Nogueira
Casey Brown
Chelsea Kimball
Georgia Astle
Hannah Bergemann
Harriet Burbidge-Smith
Louise Ferguson
Robin Goomes
Samantha Soriano
Vaea Verbeeck
Vero Sandler
Vinny Armstrong

Canadian freeride icon Casey Brown. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull Content Pool