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Only a drone can follow Rémy Métailler’s wild lines in Squamish

Sending slabs under the watchful eye of a flying camera

Rémy Métailler Squamish drone cam Photo by: Rémy Métailler YouTube

Rémy Métailler has a reputation for finding crazy lines down Squamish’s already-wild slab trails. How do you properly show just how wild some of his lines are? Well, a racing drone helps.

Freed from gravity, the drone brings a fresh perspective that shows just how hard Métailler’s rock drops and transfer lines are – and how fast he’s riding them.

Perhaps inspired by the drone, Métailler does his best to keep his tires off the ground as much as possible. All while hitting the hardest trails in town. In’n’Out Burger, Gouranga, Entrails, all are intimidating trails to ride. Métailler makes them look easy, then adds his own flavour.

Who spends more time in the air, Métailler or the drone? Watch, find out.

Race Drone vs. Rémy Métailler in Squamish

What’s crazier: the drone chasing Métailler down Squamish’s steepest trails? Or the high-speed drone pursuit of Safa Brian down California’s best road descents?

More from Rémy Métailler:

“This has to be one my favourite video I have ever done! Riding a mountain bike on some of the world’s best trails like you never see it! Click here to support my channel and help me to do more edits like this! 

Raphaël Boudreault-Simard (@flowmotionaerials) reached out to film and I was stoked to have an opportunity like that to showcase my riding, the place we live and ride and hopefully inspire people to get out and mountain bike. Check out his website: www.flowmotionaerials.com We are grateful to be able to live in this part of the world and to have access to these forests, scenery and trails. Thank you.”