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Rémy Métailler’s Squamish shredding is even scarier without music

What does it sound like to skid down most of In'N'Out Burger at Mach speed? Now you can find out...

Remy Metailler Squamish Gaps Photo by: Rémy Métailler YouTube

If Rémy Métailler’s wild Squamish Shred It looked a little terrifying with music, it is even more mind-blowing without the soundtrack. Nothing but the sound of freewheels and tires skidding down granite slabs.

How Métailler maintains traction – or any semblance of control – when skitching across rock faces at that pace is beyond comprehension. But it is incredible to watch. Mesmerizing, even.

Rémy Métailler:  Squamish Shred ItRAW Edition

What do you think? Is a Rémy Métailler video better with a soundtrack or just RAW?

If watching that a few times isn’t enough, Métailler dives into what goes into making a video segment like that.

Or, follow Métailler down to North Vancouver where he rides even scarier lines with Steve Vanderhoek. It takes something special to shake Metailler’s confidence. But Vanderhoek and the dark woods of North Van have a few tricks up their sleeves.