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Rémy Métailler scares himself with steep North Shore slabs with local Steve Vanderhoek

What does it take to shake Métailler's confidence?

Remy Metailler Steve Vanderhoek North Shore Photo by: Rémy Métailler YouTube

Rémy Métailler has made riding wild lines his day-to-day routine. What does it take to shake the confidence of the supremely skilled Squamish-based rider? Vancouver’s Steve Vanderhoek takes Métailler on a tour of The Shore’s “No Fall Zone” to find out.

Whether it’s for his regular video series, or for his stunning full video segment, Métailler’s smooth, technical riding leaves the average viewer thinking there’s little that he wouldn’t, or couldn’t do. Métailler’s broken down how to build wild lines as well as how to ride them, all in his calm, but stoked demeanor.

So what does it take to instill doubt in someone so skilled and experienced riding slabs?

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Steve Vanderhoek, a North Vancouver local known for building and sending some of the scariest lines in the Sea-to-Sky region, takes Métailler on a tour of his best spots to try find out.

When he’s not creating and riding incredible lines, Vanderhoek works as a firefighter in North Van. Having a day job doesn’t slow him down on the bike at all, though. If there’s anyone that find something to startle Métailler, it’s probably Vanderhoek.

Follow along for a full half-hour of the two freeriders sessioning and sending some of the hardest lines on Vancouver’s infamous North Shore.

Rémy Métailler Rides The North Shore’s No Fall Zone

More from Rémy Métailler:

“The Shore” as people call it is super gnarly! Theses lines are absolutely insane, I thought I will not attempt one of them.

Steve Vanderhoek is a local shredder! I first heard of him when he posted some crazy rock slab videos on Instagram, but he had also done a few parts for some bike movies around 15 years ago! I’m stoked I got to ride this insane stunts with him.

Follow him on Instagram: @svanderhoek

Video by Alexandre Chapellier (@the_frenchliner)

If that’s not enough insane slab riding for your day, check out  Vanderhoek’s teammate Matt Bolton sharing a slab with a rock climber 40 minutes north of The Shore in Squamish!