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Review: Smith Attack MTB sunglasses

Well-ventilated shades provide wide coverage without fogging up

Smith Attack MTB

Mountain biking can be hard on sunglasses. They have to work in rapidly changing light conditions, and be tough enough to survive frequent abuse.

Smith’s Attack MTB shades do well on both fronts, with the help of a few unique features. They also look good, fitting in somewhere between too-small-to-provide-coverage and the cartoonishly oversized styles that are growing in popularity.

Smith Attack MTB

The first feature that helps Smith’s Attack MTB shades stand out are the Chromapop lenses. The shades I tested came with the Chromapop Black lenses, as well as a low light clear lens option. While the lenses are easily switched out, I found I stayed with the black lenses in all but the murkiest conditions. The Chromapop Black lenses let enough light through to work in shaded woods.  But they were consistent enough that they also works in the mixed light conditions, like the dappled light of sun coming through trees, and wide open sun. This meant I rarely felt the need to pull them off in order to see the trail properly, which is when I usually end up losing glasses.

Smith Attack MTB

Smith describes the Attack MTB fit as medium, with large coverage. That is a very accurate description of how they felt while wearing them. They fit comfortably, but provided wide enough coverage that my peripheral vision was clear, not interrupted by the frames, both side-to-side and vertically. Still, they fit my face better than some of the larger-frame options out there. They sat close enough to my face to keep out errant branches, but, with several well placed vents, didn’t fog up while riding.

The second stand-out feature of Smith’s Attack MTB glasses are the MAG lens interchange system. The magnetic clasps make switching out lenses easy and fast. It also avoids scratching the lens, like many pivot-lock systems, or smudging the lens with your fingers while switching shades. Crucially, it also makes the glasses more durable. The magnetic closures are strong enough to hold the frames together in normal situations, but also allow the arms to break away in a crash instead of damaging the frame.

Smith Attack MTB sunglasses

The Attack MTB sunglasses come with two sets of interchangeable lenses and a hard shell zip case.

Colours: Matt Black, Matte Jade, Matte Red Rock, Matte Moss (tested), Matte Iceberg, Black.

Price: $290.00

Smith Attack MTB