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Review: We Are One Convert wheelset

Made-in-Canada carbon fibre rim uses wider profile to cover tires up to 3.0"

When it comes to carbon fibre mountain bike wheels, there are more options than ever. But few are made in North America and only one brand is actually making carbon fibre rims in Canada. That is Kamloops, B.C.’s We Are One.

We Are One makes a full line of rims, from carbon layup all the way to lacing wheels. It also makes rims for different brands, including a slightly different design for Industry Nine.

We tested the Convert wheel, the widest rim We Are One offers. It’s designed for wider tires, from 2.5″ to 3.0″. That makes it a great option for larger enduro tires, eMTB use and even narrower fat bike tires (or for one wheelset to do all three). The rim has an 35-mm internal width, designed to give a proper tread profile for meatier tires. A good tread profile means better traction, as the tire knobs and side lugs contact the ground as they were designed to.

While the Converts are wide, they are not uncomfortably stiff. We Are One tunes the ride feel, making the Convert more compliant by using a 21-mm depth. This adds some vertical compliance and vibration damping while still being strong enough to feel solid under the added weight of an eMTB or the aggressive use of enduro racing.

On the trail review: We Are One Convert holds the line

We rode the Converts for several months, throughout B.C. They saw use on a range of bikes, from mid-travel trail bikes to eMTBs. Over that time they proved to be tough, taking on numerous square-edge hits from poor line choices over Okanagan rocks without complaint. There are some of the expected slight dings in the finish, but nothing that would impact the strength or performance of the rim.

The Converts manage a good balance of stiffness without being overly harsh, offering just enough compliance to take the edge off of rough trails and reduce hand fatigue. Switching them out for the Bontrager Line Pro 30s on one test bike had a significant impact on how the whole bike felt, balancing out a stiff frame for a more balanced feel.

These test rims were laced to Industry Nine Hydra hubs*, which gave the rear wheel near-instant 0.52-degree engagement. You can rail corners and be back on the power the moment you think about pushing the pedals. Those Hydras come with a high-pitched whine that, depending on your perspective, either sounds like quality or sounds like a distraction from the calm of riding in the woods.

*We Are One now offers its Revolution line with Industry Nine’s 1/1 hub. It’s quieter than the Hydra but still offers quick 4-degree engagement.

My wheels tipped the scale at 1,890 g for the 29” wheels with Sapim Race spokes and the Hydra hub. We Are One does offer options, including 27.5” rim or lighter CX-Ray spokes if you really want to shave grams. There are also custom-build options if you want a hub other than Industry Nine.

We Are One also just released its new Convergence line, with a very distinctive rim profile. That line offers 28mm, 30mm and 33mm internal widths, meaning the Revolution line’s Convert is still the go-to for wider tire volumes over 2.6″. With the release of Convergence, We Are One is switching all Revolution line wheels, like the Convert, over to Industry Nine’s 1/1 hub. If you want the Hydra, that’s still available as a custom option.

The Converts make a high-end, made-in-Canada wheelset that will support the harder trail riding of enduro or add bling to your eMTB.  They even are wide enough to double up for use on a fat bike during winter.

Converts wheelsets are available with the Industry Nine 1/1 hub for $1,400, which really is quite impressive for a product made from rim mold to final product right here in Canada, from We Are One and through bike shops. If you’re set on the faster engagement of Hydra (or any other hub), reach out to We Are One for their custom build option.