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Riding on the edge: Killian Bron’s mission to ride Via Ferrata

Skirt along the cliffs of Italian Via Ferrata routes through ragged Dolomite peaks

Killian Bron Via Ferrata

This does not seem like a good idea. Bringing a mountain bike onto the already-dangerous Via Ferrata routes that pick their way through jagged peaks of the Italian Dolomites? Count us out.

Watching Killian Bron, though, verges on mesmerizing. Maybe it’s the sinking feeling in the stomach as you hold your breath while Bron nose-pivots just inches away from a vertical cliff. Or it could be the high-speed, high-consequence ridge lines. Really, there’s a nearly endless list of moments no average person would want to be in, never mind willingly put themselves in as Bron navigates the intricate trails of Italy’s infamous Via Ferrata.

Sit down, press play, and hold on to something. Just watching this feels like a wild ride.

Riding Via Ferrata isn’t the first time Bron’s edged toward the extreme. You can watch Bron and his bike take flight here.