RLE Apocalypse bike fixes the one problem with the Tesla Cybertruck

For just 10,000 Euro, Russian-French e-bike adds flamethrowers

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Love it or hate it, Tesla’s Cybertruck grabbed the worlds attention, at least for a couple days. Russian-French company RLE bike witnessed the Cybertruck’s unveiling and thought one thing as missing. Flamethrowers.

Or, to be more precise, RLE’s plan to one-up Elon Musk involves a titanium electric bike with flamethrowers.

“The RLE Apocalypse electric bikes will help you out in situations where even the TESLA Cybertruck is powerless! These titanium electric bikes are equipped with racks for various attachments and even have mounts for a Boring Company flamethrower.”

RLE Apocalypse with its rack-mounted Boring Company flamethrower.

Before you get too excited, the flame thrower isn’t real. It’s not even included as part of the standard build. You can add a breadboard model of the Boring Company flamethrower to your RLE, but it will cost an extra €400. There are remote control flame thrower controls on the bars, though, for the … fake flamethrower. Nice to have the integration option if you upgrade to a real Boring, though.

Other options on the RLE Apocalypse include an €800 fingerprint recognition system, and custom paint (free). Or a “Compact multi-shot crossbow,” in place of the flamethrower. You may want to check your local laws before committing to the crossbow option.

The Apocalypse comes standard with a titanium rack for the flamethrower. In non-emergency situations, the racks work just as well for everyday tasks like carrying groceries.

RLE Apocalypse

RLE builds the Apocalypse frame of out aerospace-grade titanium. It has a bit of a Mad Max road warrior look, with a disconnected seat post and seat tube. A 250W rear wheel hub-based motor helps you outrun the hordes. The motor is charged by a 36V 9.6 Ah battery from Panasonic, which RLE says is “identical to Tesla Model X batteries,” and has an approximate range of 50-80 km. RLE actually does a great job of hiding the motor, compared to many other e-bike and eMTB’s currently on the market.

Weight for the top-end Apocalypse build is just 13.9 kg, battery and motor included. That impressively low weight for an e-bike should help you keep moving when the battery runs low.

For Tesla owners, the RLE Apocalypse will charge directly from the bed of your Cybertruck.


A family-set of RLE Apocalypse’s in Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Because RLE knows you’ll want a friend or loved one to survive with you, it’s selling the Apocalypse Bike in sets of two. For the low low base price of €10,000. That’s about $15,000, before shipping. This may seem like a steep buy-in now, but it will sound far more reasonable when you’re being chased by zombies, rogue waves, hoards of rabid animals or … whatever other horrors the apocalypse brings.

That €10,000 for the base model goes from “reasonable” to “cheap” when compared with the top-end build. In RLE’s own words, “The top-end configuration with Shimano XTR Di2 will come at half the price of a Cybertruck.”

Pre-order’s for the RLE Apocalypse bike start in May 2020 for the high end build. Anyone wishing to survive the end times on a budged will have to wait. Base model pre-orders don’t start until June.

If you’re not overly concerned with preparing for the end of the world, RLE offers a full line of non-doomsday e-bikes as well.