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Video: Old school mountain bikes hit the ski hill

Throwback to the 90’s with Warren Miller and snow bike chaos


Featuring terrifying snow spikes and some heavy crashes, here’s a little throwback laugh for your holidays courtesy of Warren Miller and the 1990’s. Amid all the year end lists, “best of” compilations and just ahead of the looming wave of aspirational New Year’s resolutions, here’s two and half minutes of chaos on snow. Maybe it’s a little reminder that you can put the goals aside for a day to have a good time doing silly things on bikes. Or maybe it’s just hilarious to watch a bunch of guys flail around a mogul field on the best of the last centuries “revolutionary” suspension designs. Whatever your motivation, this is worth a watch.

This is a far cry from Casey Brown and Cam McCaul dropping into Jackson Hole. It’s also a good kick in the pants to get out on your bike and do something fun if you’re lucky enough to have a few extra days off, even if it’s maybe not the smartest thing you’ve ever done. It’s snow, right? How much can it hurt? (It can hurt quite a bit. Be sort of safe out there.)