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11 amazing times mountain bikers took on snow covered slopes

From mass-start glacier madness to deep powder shredding

Matt Hunter Photo by: Specialized

Watching mountain bikers take on snow will never not be entertaining. There’s just something great about combining mountains, where bikes are completely comfortable, and adding snow that makes us smile. Whether riders are ultimately successful or the scene descends into chaos, there’s always an edge-of-your-seat tension that – at any moment – it could all go sideways.

Here are 11 of the best videos featuring mountain bikers out of their element. From mass-start mountain top madness to snow-covered mountain bike trails.

Casey Brown and Cam McCaul – First Ever Mountain Bike Descent of Corbet’s Couloir

Teton Gravity Research brings Revelstoke’s Casey Brown and freeride legend Cam McCaul to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There, the duo take on the notorious Corbet’s Couloir. It’s steep on skis. Corbet’s is absolutely wild on a bike!

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Warren Miller – Extreme Snow Downhill Mountain Biking

One of the earliest and most chaotic efforts came from the snow sports side. Ski film icon Warren Miller brings heavy slams and wild modified spike tires to the ski slopes. Hilarity ensues. This is a wonderful, and entertaining throwback to 90s mountain biking.

Mountain of Hell 2019 – Les Deux Alps

Superdownhill races are more common in Europe than in North America. One stands out, though. The now-infamous video of 2019 Mountain of Hell start, with 1,000 riders careening – and mostly crashing – down a glacier from the summit of Les Duex Alps. Maxime Ciriego started at the very back, passing an incredible 961 riders from start to finish. You can also see Killian Bron’s winning run from the 25km, 2,500 vertical metre race.

Matt Hunter: Heli-Biking BC

Matt Hunter and Matty Miles dive into dreamy powder runs in the B.C. backcountry. Less chaotic than some of the other videos,  Trail Hunter goes for more of a powder skiing vibe than extreme action.

Fabio Wibmer – Snowstyle

Fabio Wibmer takes a unique approach to previewing Red Bull’s PlayStreets slopestyle ski course. He rides his mountain bike down the snow jumps and ramps in downtown Gastein, Austria ahead of the ski contest.

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Max StöcklHahnenkamm

Max Stöckl chases land speed records around the world. Riding Hahnenkamm is certainly fast but the infamous World Cup ski course is a little different. The steepest track on the ski circuit averages a 27 per cent grade and Stöckl has only the added protection of metal spiked tires to keep him safe.

Brendan Fairclough shredding Châtel for A Dog’s Life Diaries (S1.Ep2)

Brendan Fairclough’s Dog’s Life Diaries heads to Châtel, France for high-speed laps with Vincent Turpin.

Vincent Turpin – Snow Laps in Morgins

Snow seems to be a theme for Turpin. A summer season after riding Châtel in the snow with Fairclough, Turpin and friends get deep fresh tracks at Morgins Bike Park in Switzerland.

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Dillon Butcher – Anti-Matter

The lower reaches of Vancouver Island don’t get as much snow as the rest of Canada, especially close to sea level. But, when Nanaimo is blanketed by a fresh layer of powder, Dillon Butcher and Calvin Huth make the most of it. The duo head to Stevie Smith Bike Park and dig out just enough to ride.

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau – Wolverine

Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro racer Andréane Lanthier Nadeau returns home to Quebec. Aiming to ride new trails at Sentiers du Moulin, including the marquee Wolverine trail, ALN is met with snow. Frozen wood bridges and snow-covered rock slabs don’t slow the EWS racer down in the slightest.

Kendall Mclean – Full On

Vancouver Island once again flirts with winter, this time with downhill racer Kendall Mclean behind the bars. Steep trails and snow transition into fall leaves and … still very steep trails. All, at full tilt, of course. Or, Full On.

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