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Mud, rocks and a very wet Snowshoe World Cup XCO course preview

Pivot Cycles-OTE rides clean through hectic cross country lap in the U.S.A.

A muddy mountain bike course in Snowshoe, West Virginia

Pivot Cycles-OTE team is back on the World Cup scene and bringing back its course previews for Sunday’s Snowshoe XCO.  The World Cup is back in North America for two weeks, starting with West Virginia.

It’s been raining all day, all week, making the XCO and downhill course more of a hectic pinballing than a casual “country roads” cruise.  The Pivot Cycles-OTE team uses all their cyclocross skills to navigate muddy off-cambres, and passes several downed riders over the course of the preview lap.

Check the preview below to see what riders are up against on Sunday. Then tune in Friday afternoon to watch the XCC World Cup from Snowshoe, W.Va.

Pivot Cycles-OTE: 2022 Snowshoe, W.Va XCO World Cup Course Preview

Here’s what Pivot Cycles-OTE has to say about the muddy mayhem:

“Round 7 of the MTB XCO World Cup takes us to Snowshoe, USA for the first of two North American rounds! Here is the first lap on a similar course as last year but with a little rain to make it interesting!”