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Snowstyle: Fabio Wibmer takes on a slopestyle ski course

Before the skiers arrive in Gastein, Austria, Wibmer rides the Red Bull PlayStreets course

Red Bull PlayStreets may be a slopestyle ski event, but that doesn’t stop Fabio Wibmer from sending the snowy stunts on his DH bike.

Watch the wild follow cam footage as Wibmer sends the PlayStreets ski course, tracked by drone racer Luke Bannister. Before the skiers take over the course, Wibmer and Bannister wind their way through downtown Gastein, hitting massive kickers and icy corners in the historic centre of the Austrian city.

If you think watching Wibmer send the snowy features on his downhill bike is wild, tune in and catch all the action when the skiers take over Gastein’s streets for Red Bull PlayStreets 2019

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