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Sound of Speed: Enduro racer vs. Drone racer

Greg Callaghan riding flat out in Northern Ireland

Greg Callaghan

Greg Callaghan has serious speed, especially when the Enduro World Series racer is on him home trails. When RedBull stopped by to film the latest installment of its Sound of Speed series, it employed a racing drone to keep up with the flying Irish rider.

The drone helps legendary Irish filmmaker John Lawlor keep pace with Callaghan, as he charges flat-out down the trails of his training ground in Tollymore, Northern Ireland. It also makes for a novel perspective, keeping up as the EWS racer sails through the country side.

The Tollymore trails are rocky, rooty, and generally raw, making for an especially appealing – and noisy – episode of Sound of Speed. Watch Greg Callaghan test his pace on home turf, then keep an eye out for him when the EWS starts up for 2019 next week in Rotorua, New Zealand.