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Sound of a world champion: Kate Courtney snacks on Sedona trails

Scott-SRAM racer stars in XC's debut in Sound of Speed series

Sound of Speed Kate Courtney

Kate Courtney is the most recent athlete to be showcased in Red Bull’s Sound of Speed series, making her the first cross country racer to appear on the ongoing video project.

The 2018 UCI cross country world champion heads to Sedona, Arizona to test her new Scott-SRAM team bike on the areas infamously rugged red rocks. Pancakes and pre-season power deliver an exciting video, as Sound of Speed follows Kate Courtney up hill as well as down.

The debut of cross country on Sound of Speed also appears to settle a long running internet debate. An anonymous Instagram account has put months of research into determining which animal best describes Courtney. Red Bull seems convinced they have found the answer, describing the world champion as an “XC Shark.”

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Sound of Speed isn’t the first time this year that Kate Courtney’s made an audible impact on mountain biking. Prior to the Whiskey-50 Off Road, the star penned and sang an ode to her long-time mechanic Brad Copeland. The tribute must have worked, as Courtney’s bike carried her to the Whiskey 50 win in Prescott shortly after.

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Filmed by Rob Parkin Video