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Winter heli-biking with Matt Hunter and Specialized

Downhill bikes help out with making the most of “shoulder season” in B.C.


Don’t you hate it when you’ve booked your heli-ski trip and winter doesn’t quite show up? OK, maybe this isn’t something that comes up for the average rider, but Matt Hunter, Matty Miles and friends figured out the best resolution for that awkward moment when you realize your helicopter’s arrived too early for skis and a bit past the last dry run of fall mountain biking season. Specialized Demo 8 downhill bikes, enough snow to soften the landings, and one incredibly scenic hut location makes for an entertaining video, and what was probably a really good day on the mountain for the Specialized crew. You could debate whether or not this video really needed the extra lift from the chopper, sure, but carving axle deep powder lines on downhill bikes looks like an absolute riot. And if you’ve got the helicopter, why not? Right? As a bonus, you probably don’t need to be deep in the mountain of British Columbia or have access to a helicopter to have this much fun on your bike this winter. Just head to the closest river valley or nearest sizable hill next time it snows and snag first tracks ahead of the tobogganers.

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