Stream 24 hour Red Bull Rampage “Best of” marathon

Semenuk, Berrecloth, Sorge, and more in the wildest action from Utah between 2012 to 2019

March 23rd, 2020 by | Posted in MTB | Tags: , ,

If you’re looking for a way to fill some unexpected free time, Red Bull has you covered.

Right now, there’s a 24 hour Best of Red Bull Rampage special streaming online.

That’s 24 consecutive hours of Red Bull Rampage highlights. Ranging from 2012 to 2019, you can watch a decade’s worth of progress in mountain biking progress in exactly one day.

Canadians, of course, have been a huge part of Rampage over the years. While the history of Rampage extends back before 2012, with names like Wade Simmons and Tyler Klassen, 2012 starts with some serious Canuck stars. Darren Berrecloth, Thomas Vanderham, and James Doerfling all feature in the first year. Then there are riders like Kurt Sorge and Brandon Semenuk, who have had remarkably consistent success in Utah over the last decade. Graham Agassiz, Kyle Norbraten and Brett Rheeder join in as well. Basically, you could write a whole article just listing the Canadians that have thrived in the Utah desert

Or, you could spend the next 24 consecutive hours re-watching Red Bull Rampage and count them for yourself:

Best of Red Bull Rampage 24 Hours Marathon