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Tannus Armour makes its tire insert tubeless

Ease of installation and improved ride feel were main goals for new tire armour

Tannus tubeless armour Photo by: Tannus tubeless armour

The competition to develop a light, functional tire insert is fierce, especially one that is also easy to install. Tannus Armour is claiming to have done just that with its new tubeless armour.

Tannus tubeless armour

Tannus goes tubeless

The “tubeless” designation is key for Tannus, as its first offering was designed around running a tube as well as the armour insert. The tube version was incredibly effective at preventing flats and gave endless traction. But it was also heavy, and more difficult to install than some other inserts.

Tannus listened to feedback from customers and its own riders. Now, the brand is back with a fully tubeless tire insert system. The Tannus Tubeless Tire Insert is much lighter than the previous version, weighing less than a tube alone at just 150 grams. This isn’t just lighter than the last version, it’s competitive with many of the other options already on the market.

Tannus tubeless armour

Floating design easier to install (and improves ride feel)

Tannus designed its tubeless armour around a free-floating design. Wings reach down to the rim bed, while the main body of the armour sits up in the main volume of the tire. This design promises a couple of advantages. First, since the insert doesn’t sit flush against the rim bed, it is easier to install.

Second, the floating design offers more compliance, while still offering sidewall support. In theory, this gives it more small bump compliance than some competitors, without feeling as “dead” or flat. It still absorbs impacts, maintaining its “armour” function, but without totally eliminating trail feel.

Tannus tubeless Armour

While preventing flats is important, many riders have come to embrace inserts for the way they can give you more traction in corners, and grip on slippery surfaces. Since the main section of Tannus’ tubeless system still pushes out against the sidewalls, it should still offer the sidewall support necessary for improved cornering traction, too.

Tannus tubeless armour
Luca Cometti tests the limits of cornering traction with Tannus.

Tannus Tubeless Armour

Tannus Tubeless Armour weighs 150 grams per tube. It comes in either 27.5″ or 29″ wheel diameters, both of which fit from 2.1 to 2.6″ tires. It uses Tannus’ Aither 1.1 proprietary foam technology, and costs US$ 50 per insert. Tubeless Inserts (and the classic tubed version) are available through Tannus America’s website.

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Tannus tubeless armour