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Gallery: Team Canada DH track walk at Les Gets world championsips

The work before tires hit dirt

Photo by: Loic Meier

Downhill is an intense sport. Not just because of the speed, difficulty and risk of the tracks. But because it is a week’s worth of effort, and a season’s worth of training, that all comes down to one, three-minute run.

But, before race day, there are qualifications. Before qualifications, practice. Before practice, track walk. Team Canada mechanic Loic Meier joined the downhill athletes and coaches as they walked the Les Gets world championships downhill course inspecting features and picking lines. Take a quick look at what goes into a downhill race before riders even get to touch tires to dirt.

Gallery: Team Canada track walk at Les Gets world championships

Canada’s athlete’s had a great day in qualifying on Thursday in Les Gets. They’re all set to race for rainbows on Saturday in France. Tune in live to cheer them on!