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The Rise returns with Partymaster Tour 2019

Busting out of the gates with three new episodes of bikes, barns and bands

The Rise Partymaster Tour 2019

Road trips, bikes, bands, friends and a barely-functional van: what else could it be beside the Partymaster Tour!

The Rise is back with the latest season of its road trip epic. Once again, the crew is packed into a van to tour through Ontario and Quebec. Party, ride, drive, repeat. It’s the Partymaster Tour 2019!

The Rise Partymaster Tour 2019
The Rise Partymaster Tour 2019

Since we all seem to have some time on our hands right now, The Rise rolls out of the gates with the first three new episodes, all at once. Grab a popcorn, or beverage of choice, and settle in to watch the show. Guaranteed to be better than anything on Netflix!

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If you missed The Rise’s 2018 Tour, listen to Michel Plonka’s behind the scenes interview with the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast to catch up. You can also relive the entire 2018 season through last year’s video series.

Partymaster Tour 2019 – Episode 1

From The Rise:

“Follow The Rise as they tour around Quebec on Ontario aboard their custom Tour bus. Joined by multiple rock bands and invited riders, the crew hits the road for 16 days, putting together unique events where bike riding blends with live music in a festive atmosphere. You’re most likely familiar with the concept by now if you watched Last Year’s series, but despite following the same guidelines as the previous Partymaster Tours, it is safe to say nothing was the same. Weather it comes to the invited riders, the locations visited or issues encountered, the 2019 Partymaster Tour comes as a breath of fresh air pushing nothing but Bike Riding and Rock’n’Roll! In addition to its team riders, The Rise invited international riders Tom Kilcoyne (GBR), Max Otzelberger (DEU) and Pavel Alekhin (RUS) on the adventure. The first 3 episodes will be released on March 25 while the remaining 3 will be released a month later.”

Partymaster Tour 2019 – Episode 2

Partymaster Tour 2019 – Episode 3