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The Rise rides Montreal and Ottawa

Partymaster tour brings mayhem to Canada's capital city and new spots in Quebec

The Rise Partymaster 2019

This week on The Rise’s Partymaster Tour, the crew rolls through the nation’s capital for a raucous street session, then head’s to Montreal.

Along the way, there’s wakeboarding, crashes, wheelchair crashes, and a session at the Montreal Olympic stadium. There, the Partymaster crew dives into the new Vans skate park, which sits in the shadow of the iconic street spot. Marc-André “Marshall” Locat had a hand in building the bowl, and now the Rise drops in to ride it.

The Rise: Partymaster Tour 2019 – Ep. 5

From The Rise:

In the fifth episode, the crew takes a break from biking and spends the day wakeboarding at Ottawa’s Evolution Wake Park. As it was the first time wakeboarding for most of the guys, it was the perfect facility for them to learn while others started trying out harder tricks.

The next day, the boys head to Ottawa in quest of some new street obstacles to ride. They start off at a university and slowly merge towards downtown stacking clips at all the spots on the way. What follows is a typical street riding day filled with laughs, crashes, blood, sweat and trouble.

Since Montreal recently got a new concrete bowl shortly before the start of the Tour, The Rise decided to stop there with the crew to ride it for the first time. The Olympic stadium is an iconic location for Skateboarding and Biking as it offers more than enough spots to satisfy any rider’s needs. While half the guys were riding the bowl, the rest were riding other nearby spots and everyone had a blast.

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