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Thomas Vanderham Blasting Blues on The Shore

Sending North Van flow at Mach speed

Thomas Vanderham blasting blues Photo by: OneUp Components

North Vancouver built its reputation on infamously difficult trails, but The Shore isn’t all technical. Newer flow trails like John Deere and Expresso add variety to the riding and a more relaxed option for chill rides. Unless, of course, you ride them as fast as Thomas Vanderham.

In Blasting Blues, the Canadian freeride pioneer shows he’s about way more than just drops to flat and big air. He sends the two rider-favourite blue trails at Mach speed. Sneaky berm-to-berm gaps, creative airs and carving corners. Who else is ready for the weekend?

Thomas Vanderham Blasting Blues

Expresso and John Deere are two of North Vancouver’s most popular trails. But these blue flow lines are far from its gnarliest. So it was surprising when North Shore local and freeride legend Thomas Vanderham said they were two of his favourites. Surprising until you see Thomas’ lines and realize that, while he’s on the same trail, his riding is on another planet.

Thomas runs OneUp carbon handlebars, stems, grips, EDC tools and pumps, chain guides and 210mm dropper posts on his Rocky Mountain bikes.