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Watch: Wheelieing down the entire 3 km Poggio descent from Milan-Sanremo

Could Peter Sagan even do this?

In Milan-Sanremo, the final ascent of the race is often decisive like it was this past year when Vincenzo Nibali attacked on the Poggio climb. In the WorldTour’s longest race, the run to the line is technical with the approximately three-kilometer descent of the Poggio to the Mediterranean coastal town challenging riders bike handling skills. We’ve seen riders navigate the descent skillfully but until now, we never thought anyone would wheelie down it.

GT Factory Racing’s Wyn Masters changed that. The downhiller shared a video of him wheelieing down the Poggio on Wednesday. The descent certainly won’t break any speed records but it’s no less incredible to watch.

The New Zealander enduro and donwhill veteran had his teammate Joey Foresta film the whole descent, no small feet in itself as the Poggio descent has some extremely technical hairpin turns. The task of doing a wheelie down the entire descent wasn’t made any easier either with the roads open to traffic.

Masters made it look relatively easy though. Holding his position on his DH bike and pedaling to keep the balance right. His lines through turns were clean and never did it seem like he was about to loose his balance.

You can watch footage of the entire wheelie which lasted nearly seven minutes and covered three kilometers of descending.