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Watch: Viking mahem from Brage Vestavik in Hafjell Bike Park

Sound of Speed or sound of mayhem?

Brage Vestavik corners closet to a bush for Red Bull Sound oF Speed Photo by: RedBull / YouTube

For Brage Vestavik’s first entry in the long-running Sound of Speed series, the Norweigan injects such a massive dose of burly charging that Red Bull renames it Sound of Pure Mountain Bike Mayhem.

Vestavik’s riding is still really fast. But it’s also brutal enough that it’s more of a speed metal vibe than just faster-than-average riding. Huge jumps and transfers, wild corners and the occasional destroyed tire, all crammed into a little over three minutes of riding.

Vestavik, the X-Games Real MTB fan favourite, is making waves in mountain biking for a reason. His Sound of Speed is a perfect example of why.

Brage Vestavik: Sound of Pure Mountain Bike Mayhem

What’s Red Bull say about this sound of Vestavik’s speed?

Brage Vestavik is an artistic soul who likes to build, create and inspire. His take on the Sound of Speed series, shot by BLUR MEDIA in Hafjell, Norway, demonstrates that perfectly.

“I want to create content that’s timeless. Most things today are filmed in one day, shot quickly, and then it’s over. Dead! Due respect to those who do it, but I want people to be able to watch my videos again in 10 years and for the content to still be cool. I don’t want it to be just another piece of content you watch and then forget about.”
– Brage Vestavik