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Watch Brandon Semenuk: Act.II

Yet another brief clip of brilliance from the Canadian rider

Brandon Semenuk Act.II

At this point, it’s amazing that Brandon Semenuk still has new tricks to learn. Still, the Canadian freerider still finds new ways to surprise.

Every single video has one, or several innovative tricks that few, if any other mountain bikers would have considered trying. And always, every single time, Semenuk’s trademark style on the bike.

For Act.II, Semenuk gets artsy with his new-school tricks. He and Revel Co. collaborator Rupert Walker dial up the film effect for a chill vibe that matches the B.C.-rider’s style.

Sit back, relax, and try to catch everything that happens in Act.II featuring Brandon Semenuk.

A C T . II – Feat. Brandon Semenuk

Filmed By: Rupert Walker & Clay Porter

Filmed By: Rupert Walker & Clay Porter

Additional Filming: Paul Genovese & Brandon Semenuk

Edited By: Rupert Walker

Sound Design: Keith White

Song: Glass & Stone – Tor (Marmoset Music)

Photography: Toby Cowley

If you missed Semenuk and Revel. Co’s Act. I, you can catch that below.