Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s ACT. III

Trilogy wraps up with best episode yet

November 5th, 2019 by | Posted in MTB | Tags: ,

Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker have been working together as Revel Co. for a while now and, in Act. III, it sure shows.

The third installment of the Canadian duos Act series delivers more incredible riding, presented with the style and aesthetic we’ve all come to expect from a Revel Co. production.

After a couple obligatory intro shots to set the mood, Act. III gets right into it. There’s plenty of big bike riding in this third installment of the series. Perhaps it was filmed as part of the lead up to Semenuk’s historic third win at Red Bull Rampage last month. The Canadian’s Rampage-edition Trek Session 9.9 makes an appearance, too.

Act. III – Revel Co.

If you missed Act I and Act II, make sure you catch up on the full trilogy.

A C T . I I I

Feat. Brandon Semenuk

Filmed By: Rupert Walker

Edited By: Rupert Walker

Post Sound: Keith White Audio

Song: Matthew D. Morgan (Marmoset Music)

Photography: Toby Cowley & Ian Collins