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Watch: Brook Macdonald’s heavy crash on Snowshoe’s double drop

The Bulldog bites it, but bounces back in West Virginia

Brook McDonald Photo by: Bartek Wolinski / Red Bull Content Pool

Brook Macdonald is tougher than most. He’s also, it turns out, tougher than the rocks of West Virginia.

The Bulldog crashed off the top step of Snowshoe’s big double-drop on a treacherously muddy day of racing downhill in the U.S.A. He wasn’t the only rider to crash over the weekend, but Macdonald’s looked harder than most. Going nose-heavy over the first drop, the Mondraker racer went OTB, slid in the mud then clipped a rock that sent him spiraling off of the second, very sizable drop.

MacDonald’s reputation as one of the toughest and most resilient riders on the World Cup circuit is well known and hard earned. The New Zealand rider was already known as tough when a big crash at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2019 left the Bulldog relearning how to walk. Barely missing a beat, Macdonald was back at the races a year later.

This weekend, when World Cup racing returns to the iconic Canadian venue Macdonald will be there. Ready to take on the track that almost slowed him down.