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Watch: Darkfest 2021 Official Highlights are absolutely bonkers

World records and big airs: testing the limits of what is possible on a bike in South Africa

DarkFest 2021 Photo by: Sam Reynolds YouTube

Another year of Darkfest wrapped up in South Africa, and 2021 was one for the history books. An absolutely massive, record breaking 100-foot front flip makes this Darkfest one that will never be forgotten.

That historic flip is just one trick from a big weekend at Darkfest, albeit a historic one. All kinds of backflips, whips and more went down at the out-sized set of jumps in South Africa.

Watch the 2021 Official Darkfest Highlights below to make sure you don’t miss out on a minute of freeride madness.

Darkfest 2021 – Official Highlights

Recap and Awards from Darkfest

Ladies and Gentlemen here it is! Darkfest 2021 is a wrap and we are proud to present the official highlights edit! This had to be the best year yet, with the biggest freeride mtb dirt jumps in the world and the best riders sending crazier tricks than ever before on their downhill bikes. Massive double backflips, a world record 100ft frontflip and style for miles. Sit back, turn it up and enjoy the good times!!

Monster King of Darkness – Sam Hodgson
Kenda Best Trick – Bienve Aguado Alba
NS Stay True Award – Ike Klassen
Adidas 5 Ten Best Style – Szymon Godziek
Helfare Highest Air – Clemens Kaudela

Edited by Thomas Sandell