When Fabio Wibmer’s snowbound shred session starts with a caveman drop out of a moving helicopter, you know it will be worth watching to the end. Austrian trial and freeride sensation Fabio Wibmer set out to celebrate passing a milestone 1 million subscribers for his YouTube channel, and was not going to be slowed down by the winter conditions on his local slopes.

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Refusing to let the snow stop his celebrations, Wibmer went to Saalbach Hinterglemm to shred the slopes on his downhill bike. The hills ski police weren’t wildly interested in playing host to his revelry, and do their best to track chase the flying Austrian around the resort.

Image Hannes Berger

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Will they catch Wibmer? Will he make an escape? Where can one get one of those amazing police helmets? With endless skill and free creative reign over the Saalbach slopes, there’s no question that Fabiolous Escape 2 is worth your time to watch. Helicopters, huge gaps, and the always classic police chase theme make for a light for one final wave goodby to winter.

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Wibmer isn’t the only rider to try his hand at sliding down ski slopes on a bike this winter. Casey Brown and Cam McCaul sent Corbet’s Couloir in Wyoming, Max Stöckl raced down the ultra-steep Hahnenkamm ski track and, in a twist on the seasonal-inversion theme, Candide Thovex skied his way around the world on everything but ski hills.

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Image Hannes Berger

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