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Watch: Fabio Wibmer takes over Innsbruck for “Wibmer’s Law”

Trials rider turns in city into his playground

Fabio Wibmer

After outrunning the authorities in a snowy escape for Fabiolous Escape 2, trials star Fabio Wibmer has a much more relaxed approach to the sport in Wibmer’s Law.

The stunts are equally impressive and improbable (definitely stick around for the crash reel at the end…). But, in Wibmer’s Law, Fabio blocks out the noise of his surroundings to turn the city into his playground.

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer in Graz, Austria. Photo: Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Graz and Linz transform into urban wonderlands. With this world of urban possibility, Wibmer finds new outlets for his creativity and skill.

Front flips, double backflips and rooftop gaps all appear when the 24-year-old turns a fresh eye to the city streets.

Fabio Wibmer
Fabio Wibmer in Graz, Austria. Photo: Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

“I realised that the world keeps spinning faster and, especially in big cities, the life of society has become a real hectic and stressful one,” Wibmer said.

“That’s how it is for me as well. When I get on my bike though, I am able to escape this chaos for a while. I am able to take a breath and calm down. Hopefully the audience feels the same way.”

While Wibmer makes his gravity-defying stunts look effortless, the shoot for Wibmer’s Law was anything but. When you add the complicated logistics of filming to the next-level difficulty of the riding featured in the movie, it made for an incredibly labor intensive project.

“The shooting definitely was the most challenging production I have done,” Wibmer said of his latest project. “Some of the takes took several hundreds. In the final edit, of course, you don’t see these struggles.”

For the inside look on what it took to make Wibmer’s Law, watch the Behind the Scenes below: