Watch: Gee Atherton course preview at Snowshoe World Cup finals

Last downhill of 2019 is at a brand new venue in the U.S.of A

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World Cup downhill will come to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday, and on a completely new track.

Showshoe, West Virginia will take it’s first crack at hosting a World Cup this weekend. That means, with the season overall titles still up in the air, riders will be on a level playing field. Will new talent rise to the top with the new track? Or will there be familiar faces at the front.

Atherton talks through the features and race strategy for the new Snowshoe course. There’s rocks, gaps, more rocks, and more big jumps. Looks like it’ll be an entertaining course come Saturday.

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“I can’t talk as I have no idea what I’m doing,” is something you rarely hear out of an athlete as experienced as Gee Atherton. What makes the West Virginia track so tricky? Watch and find out. Then tune in live on Saturday on Red Bull TV.