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Watch: Jesse Melamed’s 2nd place EWS runs from Crans Montana

It's a wild ride on board with the Whistler, B.C. enduro racer in Switzerland

jesse melamed crans montana pov Photo by: Jesse Melamed YouTube

This weekend saw Rocky Mountain Race Face’s Jesse Melamed return to the Enduro World Series podium at Crans Montana, Switzerland. Melamed led a big weekend for the Canadians, with under-21s Nathan Sterckx and Emmy Lan also finishing in the medals in Switzerland.

Now you can see what a silver medal-winning Enduro World Series run looks like from Melamed’s perspective. The Whistler-raised racer has shared GoPro footage from his race day runs on YouTube. As he’s mentioned before, Melamed’s never shy about sharing his EWS experience with the fans, even if it might be giving away some competitive edge.

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Crans Montana delivered instant-classic enduro racing. Saturday’s Pro Stage, for example, started with high-speed bike park trail before an uphill sprint dropped riders into dark woods full of steep, insanely technical fresh trails. Oh, and it ended with an urban sprint to the line. Truly a test of all kinds of bike handling crammed together into one long stage.

Melamed, raised on Whistler’s combination of bike park access and wildly technical valley trails, thrived. So did a huge crew of Canadians. There were three podiums and six top-10 finishes across categories for the Canucks. As one commentator said, if the Canadians are having fun, you know the tracks are good!

Jesse Melamed: EWS Crans Montana POV – Day 2

And if that’s not enough you can watch Melamed’s second place run on Saturday’s epic Pro Stage:

Jesse Melamed: 2nd Place Pro Stage Crans Montana EWS