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Watch: Keegan Fry’s brutal Wall St. crash at Pano Canada Cup

Course preview goes awry at Dunbar Summer Series

Keegan Fry falls on Wall Street Photo by: Keegan Fry / YouTube

Panorama may be the mid-week stop of Dunbar Summer Series “Superweek of DH,” but it’s no less challenging than any other Canada Cup. One section,  the infamous “Wall Street” drop, is one of the week’s more intimidating features. This year, 22-year-old privateer Keegan Fry went down hard on the feature while previewing the Pano course. Now, Fry’s sharing the video of his heavy crash.

Wall Street is a classic section of the Panorama Canada Cup track, always drawing a huge crowd on race day. It’s imposing enough to roll through that the b-line by-passing it is a common choice. But, for the elite of the elites, there’s another option. Send it. With the entry being flat, or slightly up-hill, into a very blind and very large drop, it’s a seriously committed move that only the top riders attempt.

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Fry goes for it as part of his course preview run. Coming in a little too slow after waiting for traffic to clear, Fry crashes harder than the feature’s namesake in 2008.

The video, goes back and forth between GoPro footage from Brandon Douglas and, leading the group in his trademark coveralls (a look since borrowed by POC) Fry.

Keegan Fry’s Wall Street crash: Dunbar Summer Series #2

“My femur on the right’s not good,” a remarkably calm Fry says after the fall. His self-diagnosis was confirmed by x-ray later on.

Fry, who is somehow extremely calm despite his burly fall, keeps the camera – and course preview rolling.

“So, uh, not a fan of that feature. Didn’t go too well,” Fry states flatly to the camera. “We’ll get ’em next year.”

The broken femur obviously and unfortunately ended what started as a good week for Fry. He’d opened the week on the edge of  the top-10, placing 11th at the Fernie Canada Cup,

We’re happy to hear that Fry is, somehow, mostly alright after that crash. He’s had surgery for the femur and is on the road to recovery.