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Watch: Seth Sherlock at Intense Factory Racing team camp in California

Neko Mulally and Squamish junior converge on California to meet up with Aaron Gwin.

Seth Sherlock Canadian Downhill national championships

Squamish’s junior phenom Seth Sherlcok started 2020 with the announcement that he’d be joining none other than Aaron Gwin on Intense Factory Racing. Since that announcement, racing has been cancelled. While it’s real unfortunate that we don’t get to watch Sherlock race in IFR colours just yet, his teammate Niko Mulally is making sure we get some quality downhill content in the meantime.

Mulally documents the team’s first part of Intense Factory Racing’s first training camp in Episode 1. Mulally and Sherlock converge on California to meet up with Gwin at Intense Bicycles HQ.

This is your chance to see all the glory … and other parts … of joining one of the world’s top professional downhill teams.

Intense Team Camp: Episode 1

Mulally will be posting videos just as riveting as this one every week until racing resumes. Get over and subscribe to his YouTube channel so you don’t miss out.

From Neko Mulally:

“We travel to Southern California for our first team camp of the year with Intense Factory Racing. I get a fresh bike for the year, get photos assets for the team launch, and do some riding with my teammates Aaron Gwin and Seth Sherlock. Subscribe to our channel for weekly videos every Wednesday while we’re not racing, just like this one.”