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Watch: “Tribe” – a community based mountain bike film

Featuring Canadian and international talent, film will premier free in February


A strong community of riders always seems to be at the root of any thriving mountain bike community. No matter how good the natural setting is, without a group of people to build, ride and inspire each other, not much mountain biking can happen.

This is exactly what filmmaker Peter Jamison explores in his new movie, Tribe. As per the trailer, Tribe is tagged as a “community based mountain bike film”

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Following a group of the best athletes around to different riding communities, Jamieson connects viewers around the world with different local groups.

Included on the list of top talent are Canadians Brett Rheeder, Matt Macduff and Brayden Barrett-Hay.

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Watch the trailer for Tribe below. Then tune in on February 26, 2020, when the film premiers free online on Vimeo.


From Peter Jamison:

Tribe – A Mountain Bike film by Peter Jamison created with the goal to connect the viewer to various riding communities across North America. Full project releases February 26th on Vimeo for Free.

Ethan Nell, DJ Brandt, McClayne Empey, Reed Boggs, Jaxson Riddle, Tyler McCaul, Matt Macduff, Brayden Barrett/Hay, Brett Rheeder, David Lieb, Nick Fix, and Aaron Chase.

Song: Depths by Tall Heights (Music Bed)”