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We Are One Enduro take on EWS in “Growing Pains”

"Youngest team in the EWS" nabs podium spot in Petzen-Jamnica

We Are One Enduro Photo by: We Are One Enduro / YouTube

We Are One hand-builds its carbon fibre frames in-house, in Kamloops. So it would only make sense that the brand’s enduro team would also be very Canadian. WAO’s young quartet of Johnathan Helley, Emmett Hancock, Jack Menzies and team manager/ racer Jacob Tooke just finished off their first European racing block.

Growing Pains is a new series following the team around the Enduro World Series circuit. In the first episode the team takes on EWS #2 in Petzen-Jamnica. Helley walks away with a podium finish in the u21 race. Menzies lands a huge 11th place in the pro men’s race, after finishing fourth in Saturday’s Pro Stage.

But, Growing Pains is about more than racing. As Tooke puts it, with deadpan seriousness: “Observe, three young men figuring out the world. Learning. Growing. Thriving. In an attempt to become the fastest bicycle rider in the world. They have some manners to work on.”

Bikes, punk music, and a very Canadian team that doesn’t take itself too seriously? We Are One is, as usual, doing things right.

We Are One: Growing Pains EP. 1

What’s We Are One have to say about it’s youthful team?

Young Canadian racers Jack Menzies, Johnny Helly, Emmett Hancock, and manager/racer Jacob Tooke take on the Petzen – Jamnica EWS being followed around by another grom with a camera. Follow along to see the youngest team in the EWS grow along with their pre-pubescent riders.

Video: Aedan Skinner