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Winning bikes: Batty’s secret Trek and Disera’s gloss red Revolver

Details one the top two bikes from 2019 Canadian XCO national championships

Emily Batty Peter Disera winning bikes

When Canadian XCO national championships were allocated to Hardwood Ski & Bike, most cross country racers immediately turned to their hardtail race bikes. The Ontario venue is the sort of fast, punchy course that typically favours those willing to forego a little comfort on the climbs.

Both of this year’s elite national champions, however, rode full suspension bikes. Peter Disera raced Norco’s new 2020 Revolver FS 100. It’s the same bike he and his Norco Factory Team have been pushing through World Cup fields aboard. Emily Batty, who won a fourth-straight elite national title, was aboard a mysterious Trek full suspension bike.

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We caught a closer look at both bikes, or as close as we could get in the case of Batty’s yet-to-be-released Trek. Have a look and see what the winning formula was at Hardwood Ski &  Bike for Disera and Batty.

Emily Batty’s Trek dual suspension race bike

Trek has been extremely secretive about its new dual suspension cross country race design. Throughout the season, Trek Factory Racing bikes have been covered in a fabric sheath, concealing the exact suspension mechanism. Rumours abound, but there’s no final word from Trek just yet. Understandably, we couldn’t get a look behind the shock curtain, or too close to the bike. After the race, though, Batty did call out the bike’s ground-hugging handling as a key element of her win. Here’s what we can see about Trek’s new race bike:

Peter Disera’s Norco 2020 Revolver FS 100

While Norco was equally secretive about its redesigned Revolver FS platform all last year and into the early months of 2019, the Canadian brand is now more than happy to show off the red and pearl white race rockets of the Norco Factory Team.

We caught a closer look at Peter Disera’s shining red, white and gold Revolver FS 100 shortly before he went out and won gold in the elite XCO men’s race. It’s Disera’s third consecutive elite XCO national title, and came shortly after his brother Quinton Disera won the under-23 men’s title.

We’ve had some time on the slightly longer-legged version of Norco’s XC race bike, the Revolver FS 120. Check out our early impressions of the new race bike here.

Batty’s Trek and Disera’s Revolver FS 100 are very different designs, but seem to be working out just fine for their respective owners: